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ECS – ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam Questions

ECS – ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam Questions

New Contributor
Hi.  Does anyone have any test/example questions available that they could share regarding the ECS – ExtremeWireless Cloud Exam?  

There is it seems absolutely no supplemental material available to assist in preparing for the exam and now the online course has disappeared I can't even practice the course review questions either.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Steven,we have a 2 day instructor-led class to prep for that exam, the class is called ECS ExtremeWireless Cloud.

You can also watch the free self-paced videos, although these have not been updated and so have moved into the legacy / out of date folder under ‘Courses’ on our ExtremeDojo.

We also have a welcome series that is introductory level technical training whch introduces learners to our product families. The first Welcome Series Course is available now (more topics to follow): Meet ExtremeCloud.These global live-streamed classes are also available free of charge and are open to everyone. Upon completing the course, participants can take a certification exam and earn an Extreme Networks Associate Certification. Here is a link to that Youtube series.

Hope that helps!