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Associate per radius lower

Reviewing the Wi-Fi analysis we see that the problem occurs in the APs, associate per radius lower than required. Users are presenting frequent disconnections in the network, can you support me to configure what is required to establish the good heal...

YedidV by New Contributor
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Getting AP340 Into ExtremecloudIQ

I have managed to get the AP into the device manger screen with the serial.  But the AP is not talking with ExtremecloudIQ.What else do I need to do?Thanks.

LeithC by New Contributor
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XIQ managed WIFI APs and CG-NAT

Can a cloud WIFI AP (i.e. AP305c) connect to XIQ using the default CAPWAP port UDP 12222 on Internet when the ISP is using CG-NAT?Is there any restriction in such environment?

jlmangas by New Contributor III
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How do I add new licenses to the ExtremeCloud IQ portal ?

Hello,I am new to using the ExtremCloud IQ portal. I ordered 24 devices licenses but I don't know where and how to inject them. Can you help me please ?I went to the global settings -> Administration -> License Management.I received a PDF file follow...

ZahanR by New Contributor
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Activate MFA for all users XIQ

I've enabled  in the global  settings  google authenticator.When I creat a new  user to access XIQ,  this user can login with the username and password.  The user does not need to use the authenticator.Did I adjust the right setting?What I want is th...