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Integration Aruba ClearPass Guest with ExtremeCloud IQ

Integration Aruba ClearPass Guest with ExtremeCloud IQ

New Contributor

Hi community,

im having issue the integrating Aruba ClearPass Guest, which error when user completed register and login it show error on webpage "The authentication server was unable to match the login information you entered with an account, or the account has expired. Check your name and password and try again. If there is still a problem, ask your administrator to check the account."

On side ClearPass Guest, able to see user information as register on captive portal but after approval unable to login. 

Any idea on this integration?


New Contributor

may i know what im miss out the configuration on aruba side? and XIQ?

Needed radius-attribute to be send from aruba and XIQ to receive?
because on ClearPass able to see user registration, but after login (user was enabled) unable to login. 

New Contributor III


Please write more details - what authentication server does ClearPass Guest contact with? Is it guest registration or authenticated registration? 

Hi sorry, The Clear Pass Guest is Guest registration, ClearPass able to see user register but unable to login. 

ClearPass Guest contact authentication (ClearPass Server) User register, then tried login i was the IP address it pass into (Aruba Controller). tried ask them to change the IP to (maybe the old still in production).