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Migrating wifi network to two ssid.

Migrating wifi network to two ssid.

New Contributor

Dear team, 

Currently our company wireless network is working with only one vlan 1, we are plan to change the network policy to two ssid for two different category, for that i was changed my switch configuration to trunk with allowed vlan 5,10,15. vlan 5 for management and 10 for guest wifi and 15 for staff wifi. and also i was created one additonal network policy in extreme cloud iq connect. but it does not work properly only mangement was working the indication of the led also white, but both the ssid is not lease any ip address to client devices. please proved an approprite solutio for this issue.

Also I was attach some of the images for what I exactly required.


Thanks and regarding,




Contributor III

If you're on connect we can't do a VLAN probe in the UI but we can do it through the CLI of the AP:
#int mgt0 dhcp-probe vlan-range <string>

so int mgt0 dhcp-prove vlan-range 5,10,15

What's doing DHCP? Is the DHCP server listening on those VLANs to give out a client IP?

Hii Ash, 

currently I am using extreme cloud iq connect so the vlan probe is not available, but I was connect my system from the switch trunk port the port release ip. I could not enable any dhcp configuration in access point.