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MTK Chromebooks

MTK Chromebooks

New Contributor

We are having a serious issue with just these Chromebooks. When they sign on in a homeroom, they work fine but when they move to another room they either have a poor connection in that room or have sluggish connection. We had the power set to 1 and they would still try and connect to the original room. Now we have disabled every other classroom and bumped the power to 15. We still have some of the same issues. Is there any other recommendations. We do have DFS on and the 5 is set at 20 MHZ.


Contributor II

Try adjusting the Minimum Basic Rate - it’s under in the SSID settings - under Advanced Settings section. 

turn off the lower speeds, anything below 24Mbps to start, since you have an AP in every room. 

you may need to tweak further, but start there and see if that helps. 


I looked that up and we don’t use that one. We are using 802.11 AC. That setting is for A I believe. 


You may want to reach out to your Extreme Partner so that they may be able to help you.  The minimum basic rate is used by all WiFi protocols. Knowing that you use 11ac, some clients may be connecting at lower rates/different protocols as well. 

a partner engineer or an Extreme engineer can help you out with this.  

Hi Crobertson

The minimum basic data rate is used by the management frames of all PHY frames (also 802.11ac or 802.11ax). To upscale those data rates you can minimize the association cell so the client is supposed to roam sooner. However, alwoys remember that it is the client that made roaming decissions. You can optimize the wireless infrastructure but you can not solve a client with a bad roaming algorithme.