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Onboarding fails.

Onboarding fails.

New Contributor
I have a relatively simple toplogy right now as I troubleshoot.

Two (2): 5320-24T-8XE VOSS GA
Two (2): X435-8P-4S EXOS

HQ-Core-1 (FreeBSD router):
Eth0 [WAN, DHCP]
Eth1 dot1q TrunkEth1.10 [LAN]
Eth1.11 [WiFi]
Eth1.110 [Work]
Eth1.111 [Work-WiFi]
Eth1.1984 [Mgmt]
Eth1.4000 [Native VLAN]
Eth2: Unfiltered Access to interwebs
Eth3: Unfiltered Access to interwebs
Eth4: Unfiltered Access to interwebs
HQ-Core-1:Eth1 -> HQ-HLF-X435-1:Eth8, untagged 1, tagged 10,11,1984
HQ-Core-1:Eth2 -> HQ-Spine-5320-1:Eth1/1 [factory defaults]
HQ-Core-1:Eth3 -> LAB-Spine-5320-2:Eth1/1 [factory defaults]
HQ-Core-1:Eth4 -> LAB-HLF-X435-1:Eth1/1 [factory defaults]

HQ-HLF-X435-1:Eth6 -> HQ-AP302W:Eth0 untagged 1984, allow all
HQ-HLF-X435-1:Eth7 -> HQ-AP305C untagged 1984, allow all
HQ-AP302W:Eth1 -> [VLAN 10] Workstation
HQ-AP302W:Eth2 -> [VLAN 100] Work PC

  • Unable to get either 5320 to contact XIQ for provisioning
    • Mgmt vlan DHCP succeeds
    • I see state table entries in HQ-Core-1 between the 5320s and DNS servers, but no other states found.
    • Multiple log warnings about DNS connectivity loss.
  • Unable to reliably get second X435 connected to XIQ or never completes config push.
  • What is the proper vlan tagging for AP302W? Eth0: Uplink, Eth2:VLAN10, Eth3:Vlan100, WiFi VLANs 11,111, Mgmt VLAN 1984
    • AP302W: Native VLAN 4000, Allowed: 10,11,110,111,1984 (No WiFi, No Wired)
    • AP302W: Native VLAN 1984, Allowed: all (WiFi, no Wired)
    • Can someone clearly explain the disclaimer about Eth1? Can I use it as a access port or not?
  • Android devices are unable to roam between APs reliably. Good signal on switch, zero traffic. Have to manually reconnect to restore connection.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey there, thanks for the detailed post! Looks like you have a few issues going on here, the connection issue, update issue, and roaming issue. I will keep looking for some quick resources to help you, but ultimately you'll likely want to open a support case for these questions so we can dig in and troubleshoot with you. If you have active support with Extreme, you can go to our Extreme Portal and open a new case under the Support tab.