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Port Efficiency issue

Port Efficiency issue



We are using Co Pilot to collect insight in a complex environment (hospital). We see a lot of messages about port efficiency:
Port Efficiency issue eth0. Anomaly Type : Port negotiated sub-optimal speed - 0.

The switches are not Extreme's. Any idea if this could be a problem that needs extra attention? There are some issues at the moment we try to pinpoint.



New Contributor

This is a normal alert that CoPilot spits out at you.  All of our switches are Extreme brand.  Apparently if the wired client can only operate at 100MB it is classified as "sub-optimal" because the GB capability of the switch isn't being utilized.  Looking through the help section does produce what we are supposed to be alerted about:  

"An interface might use an inefficient data rate relative to its capability. Allowable data rates are 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, 2500 Mbps, 5000 Mbps, and 10000 Mbps. A data rate of 10 Mbps is considered inefficient, while 100 Mbps and higher data rates are considered normal"

If the above is true then I am wondering why I am receiving alerts as well for clients that are only capable of 100Mbps.  I usually dismiss these alerts unless the alert mentions something about a fluctuating duplex.

New Contributor

Bumping this.  I have the same issue.  Hundreds of these alerts a day.  Non-Extreme switches.

Valued Contributor

What APs are you using? What is the port-speed on the switch where the AP is connected?

I didn't check before, but it's the same model.  It seems to be just AP350's.  (I know they are EOL), connected to a switch with Gig switchports.

I won't investigate too much, these 350's should be replaced next year.