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PPSk self registration with Authentication?

PPSk self registration with Authentication?

New Contributor
We are a High School and have staff and students all connecting through radius 802.1x and being assigned into vlans/usergroups based on year levels.
this has worked for years successfully except for the constant issues with clients,ie different brands of phones ,Chromebooks etc not detecting 802.1x settings correctly like auth type, no certificate validation etc.The latest androids are getting better and of course apple devices just work.
I want to move to PPSK to avoid this and realize I can either  bulk make/import 600 users, assign user profiles and send out PPSK detail(seems a lot of duplication)

I can't find any documentation that clearly explains  but is it possible to have a CWP self registration that forces the client to use their existing AD/radius details to register and therefore then  assigns them a PPSK that also places them into the appropriate vlan/user profile as before. Even If after they registered I had to manually assign the userprofiles can I force them to register with a legitimate name or is the CWP only for guest type use.
Is there another alternative that I have missed.

New Contributor III

Did you had a look to Wiflex? It's a third party that have an integration with Azure/Office365 and google Workspace to onboard users with ppsk in different vlans.

New Contributor
we have built a solution ​exactly to address this use case.
Cusna provides easy user onboarding via a user portal where we can enable SSO with AD. 
Cusna automatically provision PPSK in ExtremeCloud IQ and provide a user portal where they can change their passphrase as well.

Honored Contributor

I can't give advice as I've never done it before but you could take a look into the below guide on page#20.

PPSK Guide