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Remove Cloud Config Group

Remove Cloud Config Group

New Contributor

Hi community,

I´ve played with PPSK classification and CCGs. However, since the requirement no longer exists I try to delete all test objects. But it does not work, because supposedly there are still references to other objects.

Has someone an idea?

Best regards


Contributor II

I worked with GTAC for weeks a while back to get my orphaned objects cleaned up (they had to do it on the back end) and still never got it 100% cleaned up. Seems to be inherent in the system without any clear path to avoid or resolve. Good luck!

Valued Contributor

Ditto, i couldnt delete them either.... i was testing something out when they were pushing for cloud config groups.  i decided against it, but cant delete the objects even though there is no longer any association to any other object.  they need to fix this bug... been there for ages!  Seeing as they were not doing any harm, i didnt bother opening a GTAC with them... still though, we should be able to delete them ourselves. <sigh>