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subscription license question

subscription license question

New Contributor III

Is there a document explaining the notification method before the subscription license expires and the system operation after the expiration ?

for example ,if pilot license will be expired after one week , what kind of message will be sent on the system ? , if pilot license expired , What functions can the system use on XIQ or XIQSE 


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Terry, you can view your licenses and their expiration dates in the License Management page under General Settings within XIQ. We used to have a banner that showed up 30 days out from when a key was expiring, but I think they took that out. We are adding in a functionality (likely early next year) where admins within the XIQ instance will get an email notifying them about the key's expiration, but that hasn't been released just yet. 

As for what will happen when the key expires, your devices and network will continue functioning and passing network traffic as normal. However you won't be able to make any changes or updates to your devices until a new key is activated. 

Hope that helps!

New Contributor III

Hi Sirs

Thanks for reply

Could you please provide any document or KB for license explanation ?