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what is CLI command for blocking a mac address on AP

what is CLI command for blocking a mac address on AP

New Contributor

I am looking for a CLI command to block a mac address on AP.


Extreme Employee

Hello Ramesh,

May I ask why you need the CLI command when you can easily do it from GUI:


Christoph S.

I just wish the process was more like Ruckus wireless.  You can either enter the MAC manually and apply it.. BOOM they cant connect.. no pushing delta's or full updates.. none of that... or you can see a connected client, select them, and click on Deny and they are added tot he block list, again no update or full config push...

On this platform, you have to do the above, then push it to every AP....  the Ruckus we had, did have a controller in our server room...  the devices connect to the AP, the AP checks the controller and either allows or denies...   I dont see why this isnt do-able, unless you have to have an on-prem version of XIQ... how ive handled it, is to find the MAC address i want to block and then just deny them via my DHCP server... still though...