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which EXOS switch features can be configured in XIQ: VLANS, tagging, stacking?

which EXOS switch features can be configured in XIQ: VLANS, tagging, stacking?

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Trying to determine if we can deploy some new L2-only X440-G2 units in stand-alone and stacked scenarios. A very simple network, using 5 VLANs, tagged inter-switch links, stacks. Can we on-board a factory-defaulted switch into XIQ and configure it with XIQ?


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There is no such documentation available as of now. You need to rely on either Knowledge base articles or community forum to get your questions answered. The work on the documentation is in progress and will soon be out for the customers.

And Yes, syncing the local switch changes to XIQ is in the pipeline.

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When I switch between CLI and XIQ for switch changes, things get messy, so I appreciate the documentation on how to do everything possible via XIQ.

Last comment: I hope at some point a “sync” is possible to incorporate “local” switch changes into XIQ.

Thank you!

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Building up a stack is a completely different story than onboarding a stack to XIQ. Here it seems to me that you were at the initial steps of building-up the stack and that is why I asked you to take this on EXOS community group. You can’t build a stack using XIQ. XIQ is to manage/configure a stack.

Anyways, seems like you have now managed to onboard a stack to XIQ. So that’s good and that solves the purpose of this thread.

For your next challenge: Refer KB

If you have any questions on this, I would encourage you to take this further in a separate thread. Just trying to keep the things clean and separated.

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Unfortunately, that KB article works for EXOS switches OTHER THAN the X440-G2. 

The stacking-support option is not enabled by default for X440-G2 10G switch models., per


So I DID have to “cheat”…

Connect my X440-G2 switches using the Rear ports 49&50 in a Ring topology.

Since each switch was on-boarded as a standalone, i connected to CLI of each switch of the potential stack and issued 2 commands:

enable stacking-support


After they rebooted, they “saw” each other but were not operating as a stack yet.

Connect to CLI of the switch which will be Slot-1 Master and issue the command:

configure stacking easy-setup

answer Yes

then take a long coffee break.

Eventually, the other slot s disappeared from XIQ Devices list, leaving just the Slot-1 switch visible

More stacking fun to follow...I’ll be opening GTAC cases for all the Error messages I’m receiving as we try to configure different features on a stack.

Next challenge: how to configure port aggregation in XIQ (EXOS calls is port sharing)