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Guest Tunnelling on Extreme IQ Engine access points

I have been successfully using GRE tunnels on my HiveManager Classic account to segregate my guest WiFi traffic from my corporate network using the "Identity-Based Traffic Tunneling" by terminating and sending all guest traffic through an AP330.   Ho...

souris by New Contributor
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Licenses Expired / New Admin Needed

I teach at a school and our licenses have expired on our 22 AP130, I was hoping to downgrade to Connect but that doesn't see to be way to do that and keep all 22 devices onboard.  We need to add a new admin account but that seems to be locked due to ...

MatthewS1 by New Contributor
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XIQ-SE Location Essential - tack BLE bracelet

Hi team,I'm trying to track BLE bracelets of workers with APs 305C series and Im not able.I can do it with wifi devices, declared them like employees, track their movements but not with BLE devices.Im very confused of two:- What kind of bluetooth can...

EF by Contributor
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Background Scans and DFS

HiI was wondering if anyone had heard if there is an ETA on a fix for the issue where background scans aren't performed if the radio is on a DFS channel?Thanks

JA by New Contributor III
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