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Why does ExtremeIQ Pilot (on premise ) include tracking cookes ?

Why does ExtremeIQ Pilot (on premise ) include tracking cookes ?

New Contributor

A new ExtremeIQ Pilot (formerly known as HivemanagerNG) user and just configuring this to be setup.


The platform is running on  self contain virtualisation platform within our environment   - but rather concerned to see that the web interface tracks user behaviour employing tracking cookies from

See below screenshot


I am concerned that  adding tracking cookie to on premise applications  (I am sure it is covered in EULA or whatever) does not seem right and ; I would expect cookie disclaimers or something similar to  comply with EU / UK privacy laws. 

If you have ExtremeIQ Pilot (on prem) ; you may want to check using Ghostery.


Embedded within the UI, the tracker sends beacons to the walkme CDN with the following URL format<unique GUUID ID>/test/settings.txt


The “settings.txt” is a publicly accessible file.


Can someone from Extreme perhaps clarify the need for tracking on premise application use please?


Thank you 



New Contributor

Thank you @Stefan K. and @Sam Pirok for acknowledging the post and taking the comments  onboard.

Look forward to updates on this.


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey guys, thanks for your patience here. We spoke to engineering about this and it looks like that is not intentional behavior. We’ve filed a bug for that and I’ll do my best to keep you updated as we progress. 

Valued Contributor

This is interesting. Maybe @Sam Pirok can help? 🙂