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Wildcard domains with IP Firewall Policies

Wildcard domains with IP Firewall Policies

New Contributor

Is there a way to use a wildcard domain with IP firewall filters. I am setting up an SSID that will go just to the domains needed to onboard devices onto our MDM. Instead of listed over 20 different microsoft ones. I want to use * When I try to use that the firewall still blocks it. If I put the actual domain in the IP firewall it works. Any suggestions or help is appreciated. 


Contributor II

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? Would be very useful in certain circumstances.
Also to clarify the previous response, I believe they are referring to the IP Firewall policy in XIQ, inside the user profile settings.

New Contributor

I just want to say that Some firewalls do not support wildcard domains, but there is a workaround to block specific subdomains while allowing the rest. Here are the steps: Subaru Net

  1. Use a regular expression in the firewall rule to match all the subdomains of the desired domain (e.g. ^.*\.microsoft\.com$).
  2. Create another rule to block specific subdomains that you don't want to allow (e.g. ^(?!.*\.device\.microsoft\.com).*\.microsoft\.com$).

Note that the syntax of the regular expression may vary between different firewall devices, so check your device's documentation for more information.