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Extreme control no hostname showing

Extreme control no hostname showing

New Contributor

I have a setup where a wired connection needs to be authenticated with 802.1x (EAP-PEAP) using the hostname of the pc with control in XIQ-SE.
Hostnames are in LDAP and can be resolved when I do internal tests.
When I try to login with the pc the hostname of the pc does not show up in the hostname field of the end systems.
Authentication method is working fine, only the hostname does not show up.
PC is configured with correct lan peap (mschapv2) settings for login.
The switches are Extreme ERS4950's, EAP is enabled globaly and on ports.

Does anybody know if there are windows related settings where a hostname will not be advertised?
Or is there a Windows Domain setting that can restrict the hostname resolution?


Extreme Employee

Hello. Have you reviewed the GTAC KB article @ with additional information on this topic. Generally hostname resolution is sourced from DHCP snooping and/or reverse DNS resolution after successful MAC to IP resolution.

It is presumed that this is a machine auth with the Identity in the format host host/fqdn. Please note that we will not use the Identity value as *the* hostname to be derived / displayed in Control even if it is valid. We must do the MAC to IP and DHCP/DNS/Kerberos reverse lookup to derive or confirm the hostname.