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Resolved! XMC, client certificate expiration monitoring

Hello! We have XMC and 3 NAC servers.we also have many devices with different OS for applied which userd certificate authorization. Is it possible to set up an alert on xmc , for example, if a client connects and its certificate has a validity period...

nor61k by New Contributor
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Resolved! EAC - proxy RADIUS

Hi team,in this config, EAC doing proxy RADIUS with NPS (How To: How to configure NAC for Proxy RADIUS with NPS | Extreme Portal (force.com)) , Which RADIUS presents the server certificate to the client??? The EAC or the NPS??Regards!!!EF 

EF by Contributor
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access for extreme game center

HelloI want to start the extreme partnership certifications, I had a problem accessing the extreme game center application.the access on the website extreme portal is well assured but for the application I do not have access.below screenshot.

Capture d’écran 2022-11-02 120545.png

How to configure NAC so I can use PXI and SCCM

When I have to image a PC we use SCCM. our network is configured for authentication 802.1.x and MAC. How can I indentify a PC when PXI is used to connect to th SCCM server to access the image?

JohanH by Contributor II
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Provide VLAN and ISID without policy

I have EXOS and Fabric with Fabric Attach.I want dynamic VLAN and ISID assignment without using a policy.So the switch gets the VLAN AND the ISID dynamically. At which point I have to configure the ISID?