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08G20G4-48P Gigabit Ethernet Switch

08G20G4-48P Gigabit Ethernet Switch

New Contributor
Nous avons des commutateurs 8G20G4-48P qui n'alimentent plus l'équipement téléphonique et les caméras de notre société.
Lorsque je clique sur "POE Port Settings" ou "POE System Settings", je ne trouve aucune configuration.

New Contributor
I just relized that I misread the switch type... I am not sure what that is.

if it is an XOS switch :

most likely the POE backplane has failed.

when you can disrupt service

run a command - Run diagnostics extended

once it has finished and the switch has rebooted

do a

show diagnostics

if it shows failed - call extreme - they will replace it.

Run diagnostics extended is an EXOS command. It does not work on the model of switch you have.

Can you give me the procedure for run a command - Run diagnostics extended

It is an 800 series switch that runs neither EXOS or EOS.