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octet string conversion

How to convert octet string for snmp command result from OID dot1qVlanStaticEgressPorts= I work with a Matrix N-Series FW and I need to get information about Vlan Port Egress e Untagged Port by SNMP thanks a...

Blank IP address after configuring

After configuring the Enterasys A2H124-24FX from previously downloaded *.cfg file via command "configure configs/FILENAME.cfg" host IP address and mask becomes empty. In config-file there is a line with command "set ip address mask 255.255...

Dmitry by New Contributor
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Unable to create vlan interface

I try to create a new vlan and assing a IP but when add the IP Address to vlan I had a message: "Could not Create Vlan Interface". >set vlan create 101 >set vlan name "example" >router >>enable >>>configure >>>interface vlan 101 >>>"Could not Create...