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Backup Summit/BD switches using FTP/SCP

Backup Summit/BD switches using FTP/SCP

New Contributor
Hello, I am trying to configure a routine backup for the summit and black diamond switches on my network.

i can tftp to other unsecured servers but the server to host the backup configurations is secured.

SCP is giving me the error below;

CHOU-JCE-SW04.1 # scp2 vr "VR-Default" admin@172.24.X.X/backup/ex_switches:config primary.cfg
Download to /config/primary.cfg on switch
Connecting to 172.24.X.X/backup/ex_switches:config...
ssh: 172.24.X.X/backup/ex_switches:config: Name or service not known
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

while there is no option for FTP


Extreme Employee
I can see after inserting the : in between the ip address and file path it is working now. Anyway in the future for further reference you can always have a look at below article link which says the correct procedure of implementing this:

New Contributor
Hi Patrick,

When i try to use /, it says the command is incomplete. it appears you can only use scp to retrieve files from a server and not put files.

CH.2 # scp2 vr "VR-Default" admin@ primary.cfg
%% Incomplete command

CH.2 # scp2 vr "VR-Default" admin@ primary.cfg?
User @ remote host or IP address with remote file name

Hi Erik,

Thanks, it works using the format below for uploads,

"scp2 @: "

C4 # scp2 vr "VR-Default" primary.cfg admin@

Upload /config/primary.cfg to
Connecting to
airtelmpbn@'s password:

Uploading /config/primary.cfg to /mnt/backup2/mpbn_backup/primary.cfg
/config/primary.cfg 100% 289KB 289.0KB/s 00:00

Is there any way to automate this process, I have a bit over 50 switches on my network?

You are missing a colon between the IP address and the file path.
scp2 vr "VR-Default" admin@ primary.cfg