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computer plugged into phone

computer plugged into phone

New Contributor II
i have my polycom phone plugged into pirt one anand my computer plugged into my phone . i am trying to get the phone to pass it of port 36 where i jave my phone router plugged in and my computer data out of port 34 where my computer router is plugged in. i tried tagging the voice vlan whichbi have at 85 and untagging the data vlan which is 5 . it doesnt work . how do i get this to work. . it is c3 . this is eOS not

Hi Benzion,
if your phone and computer is connected to port 1 and the phone works tagged in VLAN 85 then I guess you should do:
set port vlan ge.1.1 5 modify-egress
(that set port 1 untagged to VLAN 5 for the computer) and
set vlan egress 85 ge.1.1 tagged
(that set port 1 to send out traffice for VLAN 85 tagged)
If your computer router and your phone router works untagged, then use:
set port vlan ge.1.36 85 modify-egress
set port vlan ge.1.34 5 modify-egress

If this will not work, pls. show us a
show vlan portinfo port ge.1.1
show vlan portinfo port ge.1.34
show vlan portinfo port ge.1.36