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Configuring per-port traffic shaping on S6

Configuring per-port traffic shaping on S6


Here is what we try to do:

We have an S6 installed in our data center, and we have several customer sites connected to dedicated ports. Most are 1 single uplink ports, some are lags over 2 ports for redundancy.

Due to contracts with our customers, the contractual bandwidth is sometimes lower than the physical link provided via MPLS/VPN/whatever. For example, we have one customer that is connected with a raw fiber links and thus have a physical connection of 1G, but they only pay for 100Mbps...

Therefore we have a demand to apply traffic shaping on both inbound and outbound traffic per port / lag:
- Customer A: port 5.1, 100Mbps
- Customer B: port 5.2;6.2, 200Mbps
- ...

I have tried this a few time by using Policies and COS (via Netsight), but never with full success. This morning we tried to limit one 1G uplink to 100Mbps, but that changed speed tests ( from 350/900 (download/upload) to 350/60 Mbps:
- Download not effected at all
- Uplink reduced much more than intended - unless this is expected with speedtests over HTTP?

I tried to follow this guideline:

I implemented this, except for the port group... The COS profile looks like this:



Which opens another question: Are these COS profiles shared? Meaning: If I assign the 100Mbps profile to 2 ports (= 2 customers), are they sharing 100Mbps, or do they get 100 each? Or do I have to create a dedicated COS profile per customer/port?



Extreme Employee

If this is still an issue I would suggest contacting the GTAC for assistance: