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How to Delete Current.log on Enterasys C5G124-48

How to Delete Current.log on Enterasys C5G124-48

New Contributor

Hello all.  Is there a way to delete the current.log off a Enterasys C5G124-48 switch?  I am preparing this for surplus, and would like to clean all possible information off of the switch.  I already ran the factory reset, but it did not clear the currant.log.

Thank you,



Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi John,

I found the following procedure for clearing that log: 

  • Login to CLI of switch
  • Reboot switch.
  • Choose option "2" at boot option menu and enter requested password.
  • Choose option "9" and press "enter" and then choose hidden option "30" and press "enter" (note, 30 will not be displayed)
  • Choose option "17" to delete a file. (this may be options "16" depending on secure stack or G3, check carefully) 
  • Enter file name "logs/current.log" and press "enter".
  • Choose option "0" to go back to main menu.
  • Choose option "8" to reboot the switch.

Hope that helps!