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S-Series advertising local MAC address for VRRP interface

S-Series advertising local MAC address for VRRP interface

New Contributor III

I am in the process of migrating from S-Series to VSPs in a datacenter environment.

We had an existing VRRPv2 configuration for some of the subnets, and we added the new VSPs into these as part of the migration.

We ran into problems when disabling interfaces on the S-Series in order to decommission it - when shutting down two specific interfaces a lot of servers became unreachable.

When looking at the S-Series,  while VRRP appears to be configured correctly, the ARP entry that the S-Series has for the VRRP IP address points to one of its own MAC addresses and not a standard VRRP MAC (00-00-5e....).

Even though the S-Series is not VRRP master in these two subnets, and one of the VSPs is,  significant number of our servers have this local MAC address in the ARP entry for their default gateway, so they will lose network connectivity for some period of time when we remove the S-Series.

How can I get the S-Series to present the correct MAC address?
Or how can we complete the migration without servers losing connectivity?

Config etc. below:

S8(rw)->show running-config interface vlan.0.1960
configure terminal
interface vlan.0.1960
ip address primary
vrrp create 4 v2-IPv4
vrrp address 4
vrrp priority 4 200
vrrp preempt-delay 4 65
vrrp accept-mode 4
vrrp fabric-route-mode 4
vrrp enable 4
no shutdown
S8(rw)->show arp
FLAGS: U = Unresolved S = Static
L = Local V = VRRP
* = Stale B = Best Guess Interface
H = Host Interest 2 = Secondary VLAN Entry

IP Address Hardware Address Flg Age Updated Interface Port

--------------- ----------------- --- ---------- ------- -------------- --------
----- 20-b3-99-54-d6-b2 L 11h55m - vlan.0.1960 host.0.1

--------------- ----------------- --- ---------- ------- ----------- -----------
ARP Entries Found: 1

S8(rw)->show ip vrrp vlan.0.1960 verbose

Interface: vlan.0.1960
Version: 2, State: FabricRoute
Time of last state transition: MON SEP 26 03:49:43 2022
Master IP Address :
Primary IP Address:
Virtual MAC Address: 00:00:5E:00:01:04
Advertisement Interval: 1.00 seconds
Master Advertisement Interval: 0.00 seconds
Master Priority: 210, Operational Priority: 200, Configured Priority: 200
Accept: yes, Preempt: yes, Preempt time: 65 seconds
Fabric-Route-Mode: yes
Host-Mobility: no, State: down, ACL:
Interface Up Delay: 0 seconds
Virtual IP Count: 1, Enabled Virtual IP's: 1, Critical IP Count: 0
Virtual IP Addresses Admin State Owner enabled up no
Critical IP Addresses:
Interface Critical Priority Probe
Admin State


New Contributor III

I'm also seeing this in the S-Series logs:

<164>Sep 26 20:23:16 RtrArpProc[5]Received ARP response for which is an IP address locally configured on vlan.0.1960. The ARP was received on tg.5.16 from L2 MAC: 88-7e-25-be-75-0d using L3 MAC: 00-00-5e-00-01-04

As per the config above - is NOT locally configured on VLAN 1960.