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S Series BDF Supported sessions

S Series BDF Supported sessions

Contributor II
Hi Community

I have a question regarding BFD on the Series Switch (180 Fabric Blades Installed)
I am utilizing BFD on the S Series Switch.
I am using the default icmp probe for this function.

Below is an output from my lab enviroment:

Client Codes: P-policy based routing, S-SLB, V-VRRP, W-TWCB, U-tunnel
R-static routes, I-IP SLA, G-routing protocols

Probe: $sr_default, icmp
IP Address Port Status StChngs Last Change Clients
--------------------------------- ----- --------- ------- ------------- ------- 0 Up 5 22m54s R

Displayed 1 sessions

Displayed 1 probes, 1 sessions

From the above I can see that we have 1 session running.
How many BDF sessions is supported on a S series switch (180 Fabric Blades)

I have just over 200 routes (Combination of static and ospf routes) that I would like to add this BDF detection (ICMP Probe) on.



New Contributor II
The limits for BFD are listed in the show limits command. The number of BFD session is 64. Additionally Tracked objects sessions is 2000 and is shared between TCP, UDP, and ICMP.
I hope this helps.