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Signal: Not present. Extreme 850nm sfp with Vim5-2y module.

Signal: Not present. Extreme 850nm sfp with Vim5-2y module.

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Good day all, 

Further to the subject, I have an extreme x465-24w switch with a vim5-2y module installed (port 25). I'm using an Extreme SR SFP+ 850nm module to connect to an extreme x460 switch (using the same sfp module). The port lights on both switches show activity and I can visibly see the beam on both switches however there is no connectivity between devices (using MM cable).

Steps taken:

  • Partitioned the vim 5 module as follows (according to extreme documentation)
configure port 25 partition 4x10G
  •  Configured the speed on both switch ports to 10GB 

E.G. "configure ports 29 auto off speed 10000 duplex full"

So far the sfp shows as supported on both switches, however it only shows a signal as present on the x460 switch when running "debug hal show optic-info port 25". 

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this working?




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Looking forward for solution. MyCoverageInfo

Unfortunately I haven't found a solution as yet.

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Solution: Upgrade firmware from IMG to