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SSA temperature

SSA temperature

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How to enable temp-alarm S - series ?

Extreme Employee

For temp threshold (see figures below) the switch will send traps and syslog if either destination is configured. Said another way - thresholds for temperature syslogs and traps are configured by default. If syslog is configured, messages will be sent upon crossing this default threshold value. If snmp is configured, traps will be forwarded upon crossing the threshold value.

a simple syslog config example
set logging server 1 ip-addr state enable

A simple SNMP example config:
set snmp access groupRW security-model v2c exact read All write All notify Allset snmp access testnet security-model usm privacy exact read All write All notify All
set snmp group groupRW user public security-model v1
set snmp group groupRW user public security-model v2c
set snmp group testnet user testsnmp security-model usm
set snmp user testsnmp authentication sha :13e4bca8dcedd3de4495ee55e849e79b168e96101f41ef61db4f4ea3: privacy :0ef47a22915de70bb00b4992a194744051ca65b06da8246cb7dd4ee4:
set snmp view viewname All subtree 1
set snmp view viewname All subtree 0.0

Figures for the trap/log event are as follows:

Ambient temperature traps/messages:
Ambient uses chassis fan tray temperature sensors - normally the data point of interest.
HOT: 41C or more (then back to WARM at 38C)

WARM: 35C or more (then back to NORMAL at 32C)

NORMAL: 11C – 34C

COOL: 10C or less (then back to NORMAL at 13C)

COLD: 4C or less (then back to COOL at 7C)

We also support envTempHot and envTempNormal Cabletron traps/messages based on the following thresholds. This uses the board LM75 temperature sensor:

HOT: 70C or more

NORMAL: 65C or less

Hi An-Tin.

I hope this info helps.
If this isn't the information you're looking for please bump the thread again - we'll get you fixed up.
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New Contributor II

New Contributor II
S-series switch directly

Extreme Employee
Hi An,

Just wanted to make sure , do you want to configure temporary alarm in S-series switch directly ? or once you added this device into netsight and you want to set up alarm from netsight alarm manager?
Please confirm your requirement