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24 port EXOS VM in GNS3/QEMU

24 port EXOS VM in GNS3/QEMU

New Contributor

I was able to successfully create a QEMU EXOS VM and console into it. Strangely though, when I create the QEMU VM, i choose 24 ports in e1000 type adapter however when i issue the 'show ports' command in EXOS, it only shows 12 ports. Is this limitation built into EXOS or QEMU?

Anyone has any experience in this setup? Is there a way to overcome this limitation?


New Contributor II
My "Holy Grail" would be to have our entire environment in GNS3 and be able to test out changes before making in Prod. Having the 48 ports on a switch would be so helpful in heading towards that goal.

It's good to know that we can at least mimic a 24-port switch by upping the adaptor's - thank you, @jeronimo

Contributor III
Has there been any headway concerning this in the meantime?

I was able to configure 49 network adapters albeit still only 12 show up (excluding mgmt).

Being able to use more ports (actually as many as an actual physical switch would have, meaning 48 most of the time) would make a lot of sense because you would be able to create your actual topology first in GNS and then just copy/paste the entire thing to your switches without any error-prone port mappings in-between....
Thanks 🙂

Note: It seems to go up to 32+Mgmt (you have to actually stop/start the VM after increasing the adapter count). That's a start, but it could be better 

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Late to the party here, but I can confirm that 12 ports seems to be the limit in EXOS in Qemu (2.5.0). I also tested out Arista's vEOS in Qemu, and while 24 ports makes it go berserk, it can handle 17 ports (1 management, 16 switchports ) flawlessly.

New Contributor
I'm running 16.1 not sure what the latest is.