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440 G2 POE+ not working to Extreme Wireless 3935i

440 G2 POE+ not working to Extreme Wireless 3935i

Contributor II
Hi Community

It would seem that the Extreme 440-G2 does not detect the power requirements for a Extreme 39xx series AP correcly.

With default config on the switch the Switch provides 802.3af power to the AP.
This results in the AP operating in lower power mode, shutting down some features.

I have opened a case and the recommendation was to run the following LLDP commands on the switch:
configure lldp port 1 advertise vendor-specific dot3 power-via-mdi with-classification
and then enable LLDP on all port.

With this it still does not provide 802.3at power.

I have been playing with the commands try all possible combos but not luck.

If I look at the lldp neighbor info I see the following for the AP:

LLDP Port 48 detected 1 neighbor
Neighbor: D8:84:66:79:C9:35/eth0, age 2 seconds
- Chassis ID type: MAC address (4)
Chassis ID : D8:84:66:79:C9:35
- Port ID type: ifAlias (1)
Port ID : "eth0"
- Time To Live: 120 seconds
- MED Capabilities: "MED Capabilities, Extended Power via MDI - PD, Inventory"
MED Device Type : Endpoint Class I (1)
- IEEE802.3 MAC/PHY Configuration/Status
Auto-negotiation : Supported, Enabled (0x03)
Operational MAU Type : (7680)
- System Name: "AP3912i-1703Y-1061900000"
- System Capabilities : "WLAN AP"
Enabled Capabilities: "WLAN AP"
- Management Address Subtype: IPv4 (1)
Management Address :
Interface Number Subtype : UNKNOWN (0)
Interface Number : 0
Object ID String : "null"
- MED Extended Power-via-MDI
Power Type : PD Device (1)
Power Source : Unknown (0)
Power Priority: Unknown (0)
Power Value : 25.0 Watts
- MED Serial Number: "1703Y-1061900000"
- MED Hardware Revision: "502"
- MED Software Revision: ""
- MED Model Name: "AP3912i-ROW"
- IEEE802.1 VLAN Name: "andreredirect@ap", VLAN ID: 444
- IEEE802.1 VLAN Name: "andreredirect@ap", VLAN ID: 444

Anyone else having issues with POE+ on 440's?


Extreme Employee
at first can we check what Power is really on the AP.

I have in test an 3935 on factory defaulted config x440g2- seems the AP power with full PoE as needed

X440G2-12p-10G4.15 # show inline-power stats ports 1

Port State Class Absent InvSig Denied OverCurrent Short
1 delivering class4 0 182 0 0 0

X440G2-12p-10G4.16 #
X440G2-12p-10G4.17 # show inline-power info ports 1

Port State Class Volts Curr Power Fault
(mA) (Watts)
1 delivering class4 54.2 109 5.900 None

X440G2-12p-10G4.18 #


Contributor II
If I disable LLDP on the 39xx series (On the wireless controller) AP , the the 440 applies the correct 802.3at power.

So in summary connecting a 39xx to a Extreme B5G series switch, it detects the device as LLDP type 4 device and applies the correct power.
If we connect the same 39xx AP to a Extreme 440 G2 series switch it detects it as a type 1 device and applies 802.3af power.
Only if we disable LLDP on the AP does it apply the correct Power.

So now for the problem is if we manage it AP from the Extreme Cloud.
How do we disable LLDP on the AP's from the Cloud?

Contributor II
The Switch detects the power class incorrectly.

If I compare this to a Extreme B5G switch I see that it detects the power correctly as a Type 4 and not a Type 1:

sw-milnertonpr-pabx1(su)->show port inlinepower ge.1.15
Port Type Admin Oper Priority Class Power(W) Capability Power Select
------- ----- ------ ----------------- -------- ----- -------- ---------- -------------
ge.1.15 auto Delivering Power Low 4 6.10 802.3at 802.3at