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4x x460-G2 with 10G SFP OM3

4x x460-G2 with 10G SFP OM3

New Contributor
I have four brand new X460-G2 switches. (base model, 24 access ports, no VIM modules used). The network drawing I was provided shows connecting the four switches in a ring topology. There are two rings of 10G SFP ports using OM-3 fiber. The idea is to have 20G links between switches (port 29-32 used).

When I connect all of this, I notice all 10G port lights flashing fast, and after logging in with Chalet, I can see some port pairs (29/30 or 31/32) show 100% utilization and a fault (red X in the dashboard status). The other pair shows no utilization and a green check in the dashboard status. The fault is always paired, but not the same pair switch to switch. No switch has all green or all red.

I think I have a configuration issue, but not clear on how switches should be configured.

Currently, the switches are:
SW1 Port 29/30 to SW2 29/30
SW 2 Port 31/32 to SW3 29/30
SW 3 Port 31/32 to SW 4 29/30
SW4 Port 31/32 to SW 1 31/32

I am not sure that I do not have a patching issue, but not sure how to determine that....I suspect there is a loop of some sort causing the problem.

I notice that if I connect only one chain of 10G I can pass traffic between the switches. IF I connect both 10G loops between switches, I do not appear to pass any traffic.

I an new to the Extreme world, so any help is appreciated. Do I need to open a support ticket?

Thank you


What version of exos running on the switches? I don't remember the exact version but spanning tree does not come factory enabled on older exos versions. You need to enable spanning tree on all of the devices if you want to connect them with multiple links. If you want two links active simultaneously between switches, you need to configure link aggregation too.

New Contributor
I see from further research that I probably need to configure rapid spanning tree protocol and Link Aggregation, but don't connect the last part of the ring from SW 4 to SW 1 until I have done so???

Please assist