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New Contributor

Hello Extreme Community, 

While configuring a (new) 5520-24W for an AVB network, I have an odd problem and hoping it is something silly that I am missing:

In the web GUI, under Configure -> Audio Video Bridge, I am getting a page to enter a license key. While I have experienced needing lic keys in the past (X440-G2, etc), the 5520 supports AVB natively when running EXOS (this switch is on 

I logged into the CLI and was able to enable AVB, saved the config and even rebooted the switch. When I logged back into the web GUI, same thing; license page. 

I have a ticket open with GTAC and they have confirmed via the Show Tech file that AVB is enabled. However, I would prefer to work through the config in the web GUI. GTAC hasn't come back with any suggestions yet so I thought I would try the community and see if anyone has some insight.

Thank you in advance!

Chris (I'm not a Network Guy) Link



New Contributor


Thank you so much for this information. I will follow up with GTAC as well. Do you by chance know how old this bug ID is and if it is on any roadmap to be corrected?


Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, I don't have any info in that regard at the moment. Feel free to follow-up on your GTAC case for more details!

Extreme Employee

Hi Chris,

This is actually an outstanding bug as you're right, you shouldn't be asked for a license since AVB comes with the Base License in the new licensing model.

You can reference bug ID EXOS-31710 for now, it looks like it's still outstanding and hasn't been corrected yet. You can continue to use the CLI to 'enable avb; enable avb ports all' as needed as a workaround.