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add no-refresh to show ports utilization

add no-refresh to show ports utilization

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show ports utilization is one of those commands that continually goes back and refreshes its output. Once you hit ESC the table that was output is erased from the screen. It would have been nice to see the last data. Of course, other show ports commands (e.g. show ports configuration) have a "no-refresh" option to output the data only once and then return to the command prompt. But this doesn't work for utilization. This shouldn't be an enormous task to implement.

Extreme Employee
if you are running EXOS 16.x or later the following CLI option is available to control refresh behavior.

# disable cli refresh
Execute the command
permanent Use refresh setting for this CLI session, and all future sessions
session Use refresh setting for this CLI session only (Default)

Extreme Employee
Have you tried "show port utilization bandwidth" or "show port utilization packets" they don't refresh.