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Help me write UPM script

Hi! Help me write simple UPM script. I need what script do next: If link on port 25 down, script do next command: conf vlan VLANNAME del po 25 conf vlan VLANNAME add po 29 tag If link on port 25 is up then: conf vlan VLANNAME del po 29 conf vlan...

Karfax by New Contributor
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Resolved! EXOS version question for BD-X8

Hello, all! BD-X8: 1-Why in "EXOS release reccom-n" shown: patch 1-3 as most stable patch 1-5 as latest feature (but by logic last patch have to be most stable) in "extremeportal" in "Product" section I can see patch 1-7...

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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Resolved! Cant ping pc connected to switch

Hi, im configuring a typology as follows: pc60 - switch4(x440) - core(x460) - switch11(x440) - pc50 I can ping both x440 from the core and the core from them. I also can ping switch 4 from switch 11 but not the other way around. I also can't ping...