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Address is on the same network as VLAN port_1_vlan!

Address is on the same network as VLAN port_1_vlan!

New Contributor
I want to configure ports like - 192.168.1.x/24 but i have a problem, from 2nd and above vlan, it tells me "Address is on the same network as VLAN_port_1_vlan!"

Commands i'm using:

configure Default delete ports 1-48\r
create vlan port_1_vlan\r
configure port_1_vlan tag 101\r
configure port_1_vlan add ports 1 untagged\r
configure port_1_vlan ipaddress\r
create vlan port_2_vlan\r
configure port_2_vlan tag 102\r
configure port_2_vlan add ports 2 untagged\r
configure port_2_vlan ipaddress\r
so on..

How can I solve my problem?


New Contributor
Yep 192.168.1.x /24 contains: - usable hosts, minus the network and broadcast address of .1 and .255

Your nets that you are adding are both on the same subnet.

/24 =

Chuck them on separate nets like:

New Contributor II
what is the main purpose of your strange config? why do you need seprate vlans on each port with an ip?

Extreme Employee
Hello DayOver,

it looks like you are trying to add the same subnet on multiple vlans which will not work you will need to add the vlans to separate subnets if they are on the same switch.