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Two offices setup with the same configs, but different hardware and XOS versions, but WOL won't work on the newer equipment

We have one site with the following configs: Location A Core switch (Summit x450a running XOS that is connected to a desktop stack (Summit x440 running XOS Location B Core switch (Summit x460-G2 running XOS patch 1-2) t...

x460 configuration help needed!

i'm very new to networking, i need some tips to walk the right way. i need to configure a x460 switch. i have some internal devices with ip 150.xxx, they should'nt interfere with outside. i have some outside devices that should receive multicast st...

X870 Console Prt Baud Rate

Just a question. Whatever possessed you to change the baud rate on the X870 console port to 115200? Every one of the other 2000+ network devices I look after, including all our other Extreme switches use 9600. Which means, each time I connect to o...