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Can Summit Switches Cluster Edge and Core Switches?

Can Summit Switches Cluster Edge and Core Switches?

New Contributor III
Grouping them in a cluster for single IP management is the objective. I'm thinking of using X450-G2 as my access and X670-G2 as my core. There will be 100 plus edge switches and around several core switches. Avaya and Brocade can do clustering, I am not sure with Summit switches.

I hope you can help me with this. Thank you in advanced!

Extreme Employee
If you use 2x x670's s your core and configure them in a High-Availability setup (MLAG), then you can dual-home the access switches for higher redundancy and quick fail-over. The access switches would have their uplink (configured as a LAG) and connected to each x670 core switch. See this GTAC knowledge article on how to configure the x670's in this configuration.

Hi Ed,

That's another thing that I plan to design for this requirement and would probably add stacking and NMS to achieve client's objective.

Thank you for your time 

Valued Contributor II
In terms of single IP management for many devices, the options are:
- stacking,
- V400 as a Bridge Port Extender (IEEE 802.1BR) device that would be more like a 'dummy' 1U switch controlled entirely from your core and it can be stacked somehow (so with single 10G switch you can have many of those, linked via single or double 10G for example),
- network management system.
No such thing as VCS Fabric yet (dunno if there are any plans due to highly advanced NMS), and in Avaya SPB Fabric has different purpose and works differently, it's not a single IP management - for that you had to use Avaya/Extreme Fabric Orchestrator app which is to be functionally adopted by Extreme Management Center.

New Contributor III
Hi Tomasz,

Thank you for your reply. I agree with stacking and NMS, I haven't fully explore the new V400 switch. I will check on that. But I think I'll be combining stacking and NMS for this requirement for now.

Appreciate your time. 🙂