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Change Summit X670 / X670V air flow direction

Change Summit X670 / X670V air flow direction

New Contributor III
Hi, I wanted to know whether we can change the air flow direction of the original Summit X670 / X670V (G1) series of switches by replacing both the fan modules and power supplies, much like you can with the 670-G2s.

I'm a little cautious as the Data Sheet lists specific base SKUs with air flow direction:
17101 Summit X670V-48x-FB
17102 Summit X670V-48x-BF
17103 Summit X670-48x-FB
17104 Summit X670-48x-BF


New Contributor III
Thanks guys, I think this one is well truly sorted!

Valued Contributor III
Regarding the part numbers, those are bundles that ship with the proper fans for the indicated airflow. Swapping those out (along with the PSU) for a different direction isn't a problem.If you end up needing to RMA the switch, you may want to mention that you've made this change so that any replacement parts can be sent with the correct direction.

New Contributor II
Yes, that should be okay, but the airflow direction of all the modules must match, for example, the switch, PSU and Fan must have the same airflow direction.

Good catch, Rowan! Yes, "All five" should be "all three." I'll fix that in the next update to the doc.

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks