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configuring switch banner via supplemental cli

configuring switch banner via supplemental cli

New Contributor

Hi All- 

I'm new to EXOS. I'm trying to use supplemental CLI on cloud XIQ to set a banner/motd.  I tried the below in the supplemental cli and if I try the first way, switch doesn't take the command. If I try putting end, it looks like that cause the update process to hang. Once it hangs I end up rebooting the switch to kill the update process.  Any help would be great. 


configure banner
testing banner supplemental cli


configure banner
testing banner supplemental cli



Contributor III

I don't think that will be an option via the supplemental CLI due to what looks like CloudiQ waiting on input/prompt/feedback from the switch.  After your delta push, if you run the command "show cli journal" locally on the switch you will probably see something like this:

09/29/2022 12:30:03.59 ssh        hivemanager                      configure account admin password
09/29/2022 12:30:03.70 ssh        hivemanager                      configure banner

It looks like CloudIQ is waiting for the "prompt" from EXOS which when you run the commands locally you wouldn't see:

* X435-24P-4S.5 # configure banner
this is a test

* X435-24P-4S.5 #

That looks to be limitation in the supplemental CLI(as of now).  I have tried sending combos of "\n", etc to see if it can kick past that prompt but it doesn't look to see that.


Chris Thompson