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Considering upgrading core x690’s to onie-

Considering upgrading core x690’s to onie-

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We have two x690 stacks mlag together (each stack is a 48 port sfp+ and 48 port 10g copper). They run the core of our network and use VRRP between them. I’m considering upgrading to the new release that came out on May 30th. It’s been almost 60 days now. Any reservations on this code level? All important uplinks are cross connected (mlag) between both cores. A few devices or links only have one handoff, but there’s a port reserved in the opposite stack preconfigured for those situations. I would just have to move those cables and the upgrade the one stack. Then move them back and upgrade the other. How long is the stack down for? Should we wait a little longer, perhaps until the first patch level is released? What’s best practices? We have a lot of Cisco gear but would love to hear Extreme’s point of view. Looking forward to the ping protection feature which is fixed in 22.5. Should I have XMC update the firmware, or log in and do it manually? I have an X460 test switch that upgraded smoothly via XMC. Thanks for your advice

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Upgraded without any issues. Was happy to see that the VRRP and redundant connections from servers and other switch uplinks meant little to no downtime. I just had to swing a few cables for a few circuits that have single physical cable handoffs, but with cables prerun and labeled and quick timing, it went smoothly.

Thanks for all participation.

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A lot of customers don't put nearly as much forethought into an upgrade as it seems you did. Thanks for that 🙂
Glad things went well!

Hi Guys,

I've already deployed the 22.5.1 on X690 Cores about a month ago and it is fine (until now).

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Glad to hear that so far everything is fine. I will install the update this Saturday afternoon. We have two X690 stacks as cores running vrrp. I just have to swing the internet feed from one core to the other (ports preconfigured) so when the first one reboots it doesn't disconnect us from the world. Then I have to swing it back so I can reboot the second X690 core stack.