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Create Sub-interface on X440 switch??

Create Sub-interface on X440 switch??

New Contributor III
Is it possible to create sub-interface on extreme X400 switches?

New Contributor III
Alok, are you talking about simply adding a vlan to a port?

I should add, some older (I think) versions don't allow the tag addition when creating the new vlan. Those are done with two entries:
create vlan "V11-LegacyLan1"

configure vlan V11-LegacyLan1 tag 11

Then add the port to the vlan as tagged: conf v11-LegacyLan add port 5 tagged

First, create the new vlan "create vlan v10 tag 10"
Then add it as a tagged interface to an existing port "conf vlan v10 add port 5 tagged"
Once you define an object in EXOS (like v10), you can even leave off the qualifier and make it simply "conf v10 add port 5 tagged". Repeat the two lines for each subinterface you wish to add to the port.

Yes Eric, We want to create sub-interfaces on a single Ethernet port.