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BGP "stacking" route filters

Hi ! I have a Idea that I would like to see implemented in XOS. The abliity in a ACL call another ACL so that we can work with nested ACLs. The reason for this the possibility to work with common ACLs that benifits the community in large, for ins...

andreas1 by New Contributor II
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Edge port topology change

Hi, sometimes i get confused probably because i am missing something very obvious but im unable to see it. For some reason a port configured as an edge port is initiating topologies changes, the port configuration is as follows: configure stpd s0 po...

BGP AS-PATH preferred route

Hello, all! Does anybody faced with issue, BGP routes with the same Weight and LPref and Summit is choose preferred route with larger AS-PATH? EXOS 15.6.2 For example: X670G2 # sh bgp routes detail network Routes: Route: 123...

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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