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Disabling a separate port when a specific port drops

Disabling a separate port when a specific port drops

New Contributor III
Have a requirement to disable a separate port if the primary port ( connected to a firewall ) goes down.

I have a scenario where ih have two links to the internet from two separate X480 switches, I need to advise the ISP that the primary Firewall is down ( firewall not connected directly to the ISP ) the way I am thinking of doing this is some sort of a ACL where if the X480 A sees its FW connection go down , the ACL will run and disable the BGP configure link ( port ) to the ISP , with this link down , the ISP will start directing traffic to my secondary X480 , the ACL should work also when the FW connection is returned , and the primary link to the ISP can then return to operation

New Contributor III

Ports of interest , if port 25 drops , then I want too drop port 26

and vice versa


If port 25 comes up ( active and connected) then the UPM brings up port 26 ( BGP link to internet in my case)


 This worked 🙂



create upm profile MnLinkDn
if ($EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 == 25) then
disable ports 26

enable upm profile MnLinkDn
create log filter MnLinkDn
configure log filter MnLinkDn add events vlan.msgs.portLinkStateDown
create log target upm MnLinkDn
enable log target upm MnLinkDn
configure log target upm MnLinkDn filter MnLinkDn
2. Monitor Link Up
create upm profile MnLinkUp
if ($EVENT.LOG_PARAM_0 == 25) then
enable ports 26
enable upm profile MnLinkUp
create log filter MnLinkUp
configure log filter MnLinkUp add events vlan.msgs.portLinkStateUp
create log target upm MnLinkUp
enable log target upm MnLinkUp
configure log target upm MnLinkUp filter MnLinkUp

Contributor II
Hi Rod!

Would you mind sharing your script? It might help Cyrano and others.


New Contributor
Hi Rod..
I made the same with UPM profile...My probilem is that I have to activate port C if both Port A and port B become UP...
I start come crazy

New Contributor III
Hi in teh end I used a UPM profile , that if port a dropped port b would be dropped and vic versa