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does include all 15.x fixes?

does include all 15.x fixes?

New Contributor II
Some issues that were resolved in more recent 15.7 releases seem to have resurfaced in, so I am suspecting that does not include these fixes, and if so is there a guide somewhere explaining how the versions relate to each other?

Extreme Employee
Dave we hope your queries have been answered already in the past. If you have any latest query then do let us know. Else let us close this thread which is kept inactive here for a very long time.

Wish you a very very happy new year 2017 in advance.........

Extreme Employee
As a rule of thumb, EXOS defects found are fixed at a given time. They are applied to all supported EXOS versions at that time. It is possible that a given release will need more effort to have the fix included. New patch version of a supported EXOS are released at a given pace, and not necessarily all at the same time. That means that a given EXOS train might have the fix included before another release.

So it's more about time of release of the patch, rather than a version number, if you're following me.

That being said, 16.1.3 is a rather recent version so either it's a new issue, or there's something to look at more closely.

Release Notes have the list of bug fix. Before an upgrade I'd recommend checking that the fix that you need are included in the new release.

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Hi, all!

As I understand issues - PD's which is resolved?
There is few ways - look at the Release Notes, GTAC knowledge base and eSupport knowledge base.

Thank you!

What issues?