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EAPS - MLAG and Cisco port-channel

EAPS - MLAG and Cisco port-channel

New Contributor II
Hello all,

recently we have a problem with a trunk interfaces and tagged interfaces.
so i decide to take a new option of the design, but a co worked told me that is not posible this kind of design because he said to me that you cannot have a MLAG and EAPS in the same device, so before making anything in production or lab i want to know your experience if anyone of you made this kind of topology.



New Contributor II
I’ve been running this setup for several years now. No troubles.

New Contributor II
Enable sharing port 25 grouping 25-29 lacp algoritm address-based L3_L4 on both switches
Enable mlag port 25 peer xxx id 1
(Port 25 is the port(group) that is connected to the cisco switch)
ISC link duplicated as the sketch shows here and it's also the eaps-link between the two switches.

Hello Faste, i'm going to make a lab the next wednesday, thanks for your opinion!

Extreme Employee
It is not recommended to have a l2 redundancy protocol enabled on a MLAG port. In this scenario you can you use EAPS as long as the EAPS master is not one of the MLAG peers. This way the ISC will never be blocked.