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EAPS- Revove Master Node and Reconfigure Transit Node Question

EAPS- Revove Master Node and Reconfigure Transit Node Question

New Contributor
I need to remove the master node in one of my EAPS rings. It is not being replaced by a new switch and I plan to simply make another node the master. I want to make sure I'm thinking about this correctly and haven't found this scenario documented.

My plan is to remove the switch leaving the ring open until I reconfigure one of the Transit mode switches as the new Master. Once I've reconfigured another switch as master, I should be good to close the ring again. Does that sound correct, or is there a better process? Thanks in advance.


Contributor III
You are on the right track... We do this off and on to shape traffic (move where the ring is blocking) or replace hardware. We always leave a port disabled till new switch is up and EAPS has seen all of the devices in the ring. Once you have double checked the new switch config and made sure you have the configs right and it sees the new master you can enable or plug in the second interface in the ring to complete the ring. Biggest mistake that happens is forgetting to enable EAPS globaly on the new switch..

Show EAPS (eaps-name) will confirm it is running, setup as transit, see's master, and has same number of protected vlans/vmans as master.

Thank you. Your comment is quite helpful! I've had to add switches to rings, vlans, do one for one replacements, but this is the first time I've had to yank out a master without another one going back exactly where it was. It seems simple but I didn't want to run into a gotcha that I didn't think about.