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EXOS | No Vlan assigment on Fabric Attach Proxy

EXOS | No Vlan assigment on Fabric Attach Proxy

New Contributor III

Hi Hub community,

I'm having trouble in one of my EXOS stack in the Access layer.

Basically, I'm using a Fabric Attach topology - CORE Layer with VSP 8404 as Fabric Server (vIST), ACCESS Layer with x-450 EXOS Stacks as Fabric Proxy. Also, I've Wireless APs 3915i as Fabric Clients.

So, in some of my access stacks, I cannot see any kind of vlan assignments with the command show vlan fabric attach assignments. The thing is that I've configured correctly the nsi of my VLANs and the traffic is correctly passing to the CORE layer and the end users are able to communicate. However, I noticed that new WiFi Services, with a topology defined as Fabric Attach, are not being automatically created on my APs connected on this particular stack. On the troubleshoot process I’ve noticed that the stack has none vlan assignment through the fabric.

I’m sharing two screenshots of my access stacks, one where we can see the vlan assignments and another where we can’t.


Please, be aware that both of my EXOS stacks are running software version 

Anyone can help?