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Exos Switch changes Neighbor Uplink Configuration?

Exos Switch changes Neighbor Uplink Configuration?

New Contributor

Hello 🙂

I'm still fairly new to the extreme world. We have a new 5420F Switch (EXOS, factory Default). 

The Extreme Switch is connected to an Avaya Switch. The Uplink Port from Avaya is an AccessPort untag".

The Extreme Uplink port in its default configuration is an "AccessPort untag" aswell.

If we boot the Extreme Switch he will receive an ipaddress from our dhcp and receive its base configuration from a tftp server. While this process is running the Avaya Uplink Port changes its Port Configuration from "Access-Port, Untag" to "Trunk, Tagged". I cannot explain this behavior. 

Who is changing the Neighbors Uplink configuration? I Would imagine that it has something to do with the zero touch function from Extreme?

Thanks for your help


Extreme Employee

My best guess is the Avaya switch changes the port as it detects a switch on the port and using auto sense applies a different config.

New Contributor

I guess your Avaya switch runs VOSS and not EXOS, so the question should probably be placed in the ERS or VSP forum depending on which Avaya switch you have. EXOS cannot change the port config of another switch (unless running MLAG and orchestration mode, but that's not applicable here).

Hi FredrikB,

thanks for your answer. So in our case its an ERS 3549GTS Switch. I dont know the specific name of its os but its not Voss. I just have the name of the image file 3500_5316005s.img.

I will keep looking for the behavior.