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Exos to Cisco PVST+ Spanning-tree setup

Exos to Cisco PVST+ Spanning-tree setup

New Contributor
Running Exos 16.2.x on 450-G1
trying to setup a compatible spanning tree with a cisco 3560
2 vlans 1 (Default) and 2 (Data)
keep getting invalid carrier vlan configuration.
Is 16.2 old enough to have issues with Cisco's pvst+ config?

Contributor II
Hello Patrick,

using PVST+ between EXOS 16.2 and Cisco IOS should be possible. One caveat is that Cisco PVST+ comprises an additional standards compliant rapid STP instance, and this needs to be added to the EXOS configuration as well.

Some time ago I have successfully tested PVST+ interoperability between EXOS 16.1 on X460 switches and Cisco Catalyst 3560. Please see for all the details, including the tested configurations.

Hope that helps,

New Contributor
Additional info: I think the config i setup below is now working default vlan and data vlan. Can someone tell me if that looks correct?

configure stpd s0 mode dot1w
configure stpd s0 default-encapsulation pvst-plus
create stpd s2
configure stpd s2 mode dot1w
configure stpd s2 default-encapsulation pvst-plus
enable stpd s2 auto-bind vlan data
enable stpd s2 tag 0
enable stpd s0
enable stpd s2