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Port Mirroring Behaviour

Hello, I'm trying to find an issue within my network. At random times during the day, port utilization spikes to 100%. I am trying to mirror a port that spikes so I can see what it is that it is receiving. When setting up the mirror these...

SFlow and BGP

Hi, all! Is sFlow transmit BGP/AS attribute? From which EXOS version? Our Customer using EXOS 12.6 and they telling that switch transmit only information about IP, but not AS. Thank you!

Alexandr_P by Valued Contributor
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BFD for connected

Hi Team , I have a scenario as follows Switch (port 48) ---------------------------- (port2/8) router There are multiple MUX between switch and router. These MUX are not in my control. Config on switch is ************************ configure vlan CP...