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Extreme and HP Spanning tree config

Extreme and HP Spanning tree config

New Contributor II
We're a majority Extreme shop but have a few HP switches in the mix. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for configuring spanning tree on the extreme stuff to play nice with HP ?

By the looks of things the root bridge keeps swapping at the moment.

New Contributor
we had to change HP switches spanning tree configuration to rapid-pvst from default mstp. and have enabled stp only for the required vlan.

Extreme switches are configured with pvst-plus.

Of course there is other configuration for stp too.

New Contributor II
Can you post your stp config for a uplink port on the XOS side?
show config stp detail | i 1:49


# Module stp configuration.


configure mstp region 020496518117

configure mstp revision 3

configure mstp format 0

create stpd s0

configure stpd s0 delete vlan default ports all

disable stpd s0 auto-bind vlan default

configure stpd s0 mode dot1d

configure stpd s0 forwarddelay 15

configure stpd s0 hellotime 2

configure stpd s0 maxage 20

configure stpd s0 priority 32768

disable stpd s0 rapid-root-failover

configure stpd s0 default-encapsulation emistp

create stpd s1

configure stpd s1 mode dot1w

configure stpd s1 forwarddelay 15

configure stpd s1 hellotime 2

configure stpd s1 maxage 20

configure stpd s1 priority 28672

disable stpd s1 rapid-root-failover

configure stpd s1 default-encapsulation emistp

enable stpd s1 auto-bind vlan Default

configure stpd s1 add vlan Default ports 1:3 dot1d

configure stpd s1 ports mode dot1d 1:1

configure stpd s1 ports cost auto 1:1

configure stpd s1 ports port-priority 128 1:1

configure stpd s1 ports link-type point-to-point 1:1

configure stpd s1 ports edge-safeguard disable 1:1

configure stpd s0 tag 0

disable stpd s0

configure stpd s1 tag 0

enable stpd s1